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COVID-19 update: US policy response

The effectiveness and impact of the US policy response.


Macrocast Podcast #10 - Define "Big"

Every Monday, Gilles Moec, AXA Group Chief Economist and AXA IM Head of Research, shares his views on how international events are impacting financial markets.


Define ”Big”

The Commission’s “Next Generation package” is a big step forward, but it’s no proper cyclical stabilization capacity.

Vues d’Iggo

Garland Day

Sentiment in markets has been positively impacted by signs of increased activity where lock-downs are starting to be lifted. This could continue as more restrictions are eased and consumers emerge fr ...

Investissement responsable

COVID-19: Has your workplace changed forever?

The COVID-19 crisis threatens long-lasting changes to the way we work. It is affecting employees and employers everywhere.

Point marché Covid-19 - Jeudi 28 mai 2020

La situation s’améliore dans le monde malgré des disparités sectorielles et géographiques.

L'économie évolutive

Post-COVID-19, innovation in healthcare is here to stay

As the coronavirus pandemic has developed, we have been inspired by the coordinated response of healthcare providers, diagnostic testing companies and the biopharmaceutical industry.

L'économie évolutive

Semi-conducteurs : le génie qui permet la révolution technologique

L'industrie des semi-conducteurs a connu une croissance importante à l'ère du digital ; une tendance qui devrait se poursuivre

L'économie évolutive

Le COVID-19 a accéléré les tendances de l'économie digitale

De nombreuses entreprises au cœur de l'économie digitale ont été bien positionnées pour accompagner notre quotidien durant le confinement

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